In 2000 I was invited to vacation in Montana and my friend said, "Bring your bathing suit, we are going tubing down the Madison River." It sounded fun, but I have to admit I was not looking forward to purchasing a bathing suit.

I stood in a high-end department store saying to myself "I do not want to buy any of the options that are offered, none of them cover my legs. What am I going to do?" I had an idea. "Why don't I pair a tankini top with men's swim trunks?"I did just that. The trunks were not the perfect fit, but believe me, I was thrilled I was not in a traditional swimsuit, and most importantly my legs were covered.

I was completely comfortable and confident in my newly created swimsuit as we went tubing down the Madison. The best part is when I got out of the river and toweled off, the trunks were almost instantly dry. That was such a vivid memory because we all know that is not the case with a traditional woman's swimsuit.

Afterward we stopped at the little grocery store in Ennis. I so acutely remember thinking "I am in a grocery store, in my swimsuit without a cover up." What a liberating moment.

I never forgot about that day and the idea kept nagging at me through the years until I finally had to create this product for all women so they could experience the kind of liberation I felt that day. 

The evolution of girltrunks has spanned nearly fourteen years, from my trip to Montana, to countless conversations with women about how this product could change the way they feel about swimwear. My vision is to "reinvent swimwear for women" and have women feel "swimWEAR CONFIDENT". Stay tuned as I have so many ideas I look forward to bringing to all of you to enhance the entire swimwear experience.

In my heart I know girltrunks is much more than swimwear. It is about making a difference in women's lives.

So ladies, this is for you. I know girltrunks will completely eliminate the dreaded bathing suit drama we have all experienced at one time or another. Even more, I'm certain you will feel comfortable, confident and stylish in them.

We would love to hear about your girltrunks experience so please send your testimonials to hello@girltrunks.com.

Happy girltrunks wearing to you.


Debbie Kuhn
Founder and President