Oct 03 2016

wore all day on sight seeing trip...LOVE my girltrunks

I purchased my second set of girltrunks swimwear for a 35th Anniversary trip to Cancun. I wore my on an all day sight seeing trip that ended with a swim in a cenote (natural sink hole). I was well supported and comfortable all day in my "support your local girls" top and because I wore my suit all day was able to jump in and swim right away when we got to the cenote. We only had a short time there and I changed before getting back on our tour bus. Unlike everyone else that swam, I only needed to visit the changing room once. LOVE my girltrunks and have recommended them to multiple friends, family, and aquaintances.  Ann

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Aug 05 2016

I have been saying that women need a trunk suit for years and years!

Thank you SO much for your prompt email! And creating the girl trunks website. I have been saying that women need a trunk suit for years and years! I have created outfits to wear in the water with Capri waterproof type bottoms - I love the idea and you will have me as a customer - I will post your website on my Facebook page and will pass your website along to my clients.  As they always say," word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get!"  Delia

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Jun 14 2016

the first time ever that I was not self-conscious of myself

They arrived in time and they fit just right.  We went to the Caribbean and I went on an all-day boat and snorkel and then shopping….and I felt great.  The first time ever that I was not self-conscious of myself.  Covered up as I like but still stylish and feeling like I was not hiding.  And I was comfortable.  In all prior trips I was completely uncomfortable and feeling terrible.
Thank you thank you thank you…….Kathy

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Jun 13 2016

I hadn't been a bathing suit in 2 years...

I was so happy to see the girltrunks ad in Simple Grace magazine. It was like an answer to my prayers! I hadn't been in a bathing suit in 2 years due to bilateral knee replacement surgeries. Now my "not-so-fond-of-thighs" caused me more anxiety. After looking at the website for a few weeks and double checking measurements, I ordered the longer trunks and 2 tops, different patterns and sizes because I was in between the bust measurement. My order came in a few days and as expected from the reviews the trunks fit and felt wonderful. But the real surprise was the supportiveness and wonderful fit of the tops! I loved each pattern so decided to exchange one for the smaller size rather than return one! Now I have both patterns of " support your local girls" which I think may become more than just a bathing suit top. Now I am looking forward to a wonderful family reunion cruise and many stress free summer outings!! Thank you Debbie for creating girltunks! Jane

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May 04 2016

perfect for excursions on a cruise

Thank you so much for taking care of me so close to my vacation.  The trunks were lovely.  I was able to dress for my excursion in Cancun, Mexico and not have to haul extra clothes to change in and out of swim suits.  Thanks a bunch!!  Jacque

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