Aug 05 2019

wish I had girltrunks sooner!!!!!

I have to say I wish I had girltrunks sooner!!!!!  Previous vacations I've worn swim skirts to feel covered.  Well....those skirts blew up in the ocean breeze and I was constantly tugging on them.  And the tankini  always clung to what I wanted to cover. I love the coverage of the girltrunks suit, but not only that, the material was cool and dried so fast!   Thank You! Jennifer

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Jul 29 2019

fantastic idea

Fantastic idea for the girltrunks swimsuit! For the first time in my 63 years of life, I was able to wear a beautiful swimsuit and feel good about myself and how I looked in and out of the water. In addition to looking good, the beautiful quick drying fabric lets you lounge in comfort. Thanks again for creating this wonderful, fashionable swimsuit. 

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Mar 05 2017

taken on three scuba them

I’ve taken the trunks on three scuba diving trips now and love them.  They dry so quickly!  And are comfy.  Robin

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Jul 03 2014

For once an online clothing purchased worked for me!

All I can say/write is, "thank you so much!"  I eagerly opened the package and was bracing myself--what if this didn't work?!?!?!. 
But, they are absoulutely perfect.  I had tried on swim shorts from a major department store and major online clothing retailer as well as a few online swim suit places and they were all terrible.  They fit like big tents, they ballooned and billowed.  I don't know where the idea came if you were bigger in size that you would want to wear a tent but, apparently some designer had that.  These fit perfectly, look perfect, and I love the material.  You can really see the quality of these shorts. 
Thank you for your wonderful service.  For once an online clothing purchased worked for me!


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Apr 17 2012

I haven't felt comfortable or confident about wearing a swimsuit until I tried girltrunks


I haven't felt comfortable or confident about wearing a swimsuit until I tried girltrunks. Not only did it cover up the areas that I am most uncomfortable with, but it also gives you the confidence that you can still look amazing while doing so! They also dried within minutes of getting out of the water! amazing! Thanks girltrunks. Ashley


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