something so many women want but don't realize is actually available

Posted on November 08, 2012 by Debbie Kuhn | 0 Comments

Our mail came late in the afternoon today, and I was excited to see "the package" in my mailbox. I ran up to put them on, and they fit PERFECTLY- everywhere - waist, hips, even the length - and they are unbelievably comfortable!  I was scared to death to put on the top - this was just going too well (!) - but it was perfect too - it is all everything I'd wanted and could not find anywhere!  I had two old swimsuits in my packing pile for the trip, and I cannot imagine wanting to wear either of them now - I will be happy to wear this every single day. 
"...this is the most incredible garment ever invented - something so many women want but don't realize is actually available."  Deena

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girltrunks gave me the confidence to particpate

have redefined women's swimwear and found an untouched market niche

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