didn't have to grab a cover up or worry about how I was sitting

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Had a blast in my girltrunks, swimming and snorkeling with my niece and nephew at my sister's pool.  When I got out of the pool I didn't have to grab a cover up or worry about how I was sitting.  The girltrunks dried out so quickly that I wore them on the ride home.  I also took my niece to Old Navy and wore my girltrunks suit.  They are so comfortable that I put on a t-shirt and left them on while hanging out around the house until 11 PM that night.  I love how girltrunks can go from the pool, to the store, to lounge wear so easily.  Jill

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I haven't felt comfortable or confident about wearing a swimsuit until I tried girltrunks

I won't be seen in a regular swimsuit, but girltrunks are awesome!

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