girltrunks helped me feel sleek, slim and trim

Posted on April 17, 2012 by Debbie Kuhn | 0 Comments

I baptized my girltrunks in the Altantic Ocean.  They made quite a splash on the beach and they were comfortable enough to easily splash around in while I was in the water.  The trunks are versatile enough for me to wear as my all-around-town shorts.  girltrunks help me feel sleek, slim and trim.  I love them!  Now, I've just got to work on my tan...  

 Mary Ellen

Posted in comfortable, flattering, love them - great product, stylish, versatile

didn't have to worry about tugging a bathing suit bottom back into place

so glad you were able to tap into a market for women who don't want a one piece swimwsuit or two-piece itsy bitsy "bikini"!!!

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