Aug 19 2016

it started with a whisper…

When I viewed the #StevenSpeilberg #YouTube video – "Listen to the Whisper", I thought, he is communicating my story about the evolution of girltrunks as it is exactly what happened. 

It was a whisper, mind you a whisper that was relentless for years on end until one day I finally said out loud, “Okay, I will do it!”  I had no idea how I was going to start a company, yet one day at a time, and one step at a time, it came to be. Through the whispers, I became an entrepreneur.  I absolutely love it and cannot imagine doing anything else.

As I’ve had the privilege of interacting with such fantastic customers through the years all over the country and world, and may I just say, girltrunks has the best customers - so kind, gracious and encouraging, what I realize is the creation of girltrunks really has nothing to do with me.  It is all about you, the customer.  It’s about creating products so you can look and feel great in life wearing a swimsuit. 

With heartfelt gratitude, I thank you for letting me create products that you want.  It is the ride of a life time that is so fulfilling and full of joy.  It has "tickled my heart" beyond measure.


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May 16 2016

the library in the palm of your hand

I was introduced to an app, that dare I say, has been a game changer in my life.  I am surrounded by people whom are avid readers. I have always wanted to be, but I am just not a fast reader so I only read books here and there.  Welcome to Overdrive.  #Overdrive is an app where you enter your local library card number and voilà, your libraries’ selection is pretty much available via your phone, tablet or laptop.  For me, the best part is the availability of #audiobooks.  I have listened to well over 30 books since mid-January, all while driving in my car. I just love it!

Overdrive is an app where you enter your local library card number and voilà, your libraries’ selection is pretty much available via your phone, tablet or laptop.

You can put books on hold just like you would at the library and when it becomes available, you get an email.  They also offer a rather nice selection of magazines and a few newspapers.  Did I say it is all free?  I download the books to my phone as verses listening to them via streaming to save on my phone’s data.  If you have blue tooth in your car, you are set. 

You choose how many days you want to take the book out with 21 days being the max.  Once the 21 days pass, it automatically takes the book back.  If you haven’t finished it and choose to take it out a month or two later, it will remember what page you left off.

Download it now…it works on all the different devises seamlessly.

I am sharing Overdrive with everyone I know and I hope you do too.  It is absolutely fabulous!

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May 02 2016

prepare for summer with girltrunks!

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Nov 03 2015

embrace the skin you are in and feel confident

As I watched @MariaShriver interview @AmySchumer and her stylist, I thought how fabulous that Amy found @LeesaEvansStyle.  How fantastic that she has learned how to dress for her body so she feels comfortable and confident in her skin and in her clothes.  Amy's candor exemplifies the universal clothing drama so many of us are all too familiar with which often plays off of our body image issues.  "You're not going to be what everybody loves, but you have to love yourself," Schumer says.  The reality is, we wear clothes and we should feel beautiful in them.  Our clothing should reflect our personality, flatter our bodies, empower and lift us up.

I just happen to have a bit of talent for choosing clothes that are flattering for others and I even dabbled in doing the personal shopping/stylist thing for hire, back in the day.  It really is about knowing your body and knowing what looks good on your particular shape and what doesn't look good.  It is paramount, in my opinion, to find pieces that don't require us to fuss, tug or pull as Amy shared because then, we are uncomfortable and aren't in the moment, being ourselves.

I was crystal clear that I could not make myself look good, let alone feel confident and carefree, in a bathing suit as I wanted coverage of my upper thighs and no bathing suit addressed that "problem area".  Talk about a "pain point" in marketing terms.  Well, I knew I was not going to wear a traditional women's swimsuit years ago on vacation and hence the creation of girltrunks happened - swim shorts that cover the upper thighs and tankini tops that are not skin tight so to flatter the shape and make the wearer feel comfortable and fashion forward.

I just commented to my mother the other day, "What would I do if I did not have girltrunks for my trip to Florida over the holidays?"  "Seriously...what would I do?" She said she felt the exact same way and went into all the positives of girltrunks over a traditional swimsuit.  Yes, she is my mom, yet everything she shared was completely on point.  It is a game changer for those of us that don't want to expose so much of our bodies in order to enjoy all the leisure activities around water and still want to look and feel great and be stylish.

So, I completely get the gift Amy's stylist gave her...a sense of freedom to be, to feel comfortable and confident in her clothes so she can be her fabulous self without fussing or feeling self-conscious. It is not matter a lot!  

I am confident we are doing just that in the swimwear space which so many women truly dread regardless of their size, shape or age.  Those days of dreading to wear a swimsuit are long gone because with girltrunks, women can now participate in life's activities around water with confidence and joy.

Embrace the skin you are in and say bye-bye swimwear shy and say hello swimWEAR CONFIDENCE!


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Sep 11 2015

yes...size does matter...but fit is paramount

I recently came across this article in The Washington Post written by the founder of From Thick To Thin, an all inclusive athletic apparel line.I read it and immediately thought, “I hear ya!” She was writing about her incentive to begin her company and how trying to buy some athletic gear in Dick’s left her feeling humiliated and very upset. There was nothing available to her in “plus size”.

Many of you know the reasons I began girltrunks, but it wasn’t so much because of size, large or small, it was more about comfortable coverage and fit. Andrea Kuchinski, the founder and article writer touches on this.

I was going on vacation to Montana and wanted swimwear that I could wear tubing down the Madison River, then go on a hike. As many of you know, a one-piece or bikini some times just doesn’t cut it for that kind of activity. In fact a one-piece or bikini doesn’t cut it most places. In order to wear a bikini without fear of slippage and exposure, it’s best to remain horizontal on your lounge chair, coming up only for the odd margarita!

As you may recall, I ended up buying a pair of men’s swim trunks, problem solved! Didn’t float off into the swirling waters and they dried lickety split when I got out and hiked into the wilderness.

However the fit was less than ideal. I looked at best, shapeless and at worst falling apart. Men’s bodies for the most part are straight, they have no waist, no hips, no curvy bits. This isn’t a criticism just an observation.

Women come in many shapes and sizes, pear shaped, boy shaped, V shaped, apple shaped, hour glass, etc., etc., and regardless of whether you’re a skinny minnie or more generously proportioned, it’s the fit that counts. A size 8 won’t fit every size 8 body out there, the same goes for a size 12, a size 20 and a size 2.

What we’ve done at girltrunks is to celebrate that wonderful uniqueness of our bodies and ensured our fit is flexible enough to meet most of these wonderful shapes and sizes. Our designs are tailored to meet the demands of such a variety of bodies, with correct tapering so no tightness in all the wrong places.

Yes, of course, there will be a lady’s body that we can’t accommodate, but we understand just how much swimwear with confidence is such an essential part of women’s lives, whether at the beach, the pool, hiking in the Rockies or, like me, tubing down the Madison River in Montana.

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