Jul 29 2019

spreading the peony love...update was two years ago that I received a trunk full of peony roots from my friend, Nancy.  I kept some for myself and shared the rest with family and friends.

Fast forward to now and look what has taken root and bloomed so magnificently:

Spreading the peony love is a most beautiful thing.  My house is full of their fragrant aroma...LOVE!


Jul 29 2019

spreading the peony love

One of my friends that turned me on to gardening has over 75 peony plants around her property that she started from bare root.  May I just say when they are all in full bloom it is nothing less than spectacular. They have grown beyond her expectations in a short three years. She wanted to thin them out a bit so guess who was the recipient of lots and lots of peony roots?

Here is the trunk of my car absolutely packed with the roots.



I spread the peony love as well and they have all found happy, happy homes.  Thank you, Nancy.  We'll look forward to their blooms next year.


Sep 05 2018

running into my doc at whole foods

I happen to be one of those people that thoroughly enjoys grocery shopping, whether at home or when traveling.  Not sure what that is about, it simply is.

I, of course, would not miss checking out the new Whole Foods that opened on the eastside of Cleveland.  It is a gorgeous store inside!












I went to get cherries and Kite Hill yogurt and as I'm walking up and down the aisles taking it all in - who do I run right smack into but my Functional Medicine doctor.  She is fabulous by the way!   As we were chatting, she looked in my cart as I did do you not? 













Anyway, I passed with flying colors thank goodness!  She commented on how much she liked the Taza chocolate which I had never had.  We proceeded to talk about various food items.  Love listening as well as picking her brain because she is so well versed and knowledgeable.  I was still in my clothes from my morning walk so extra points there, right?!  I chuckle as I write this, especially about looking in the cart...too funny!













Thought this sign was great...all grocery stores should have "ISH" after the number of items.  Made me smile.


Jul 01 2017

the gratitude journal

Yes...I am one of those people who started doing a gratitude journal years ago and here to find out, the exact date was November 12, 2011...much to my surprise.  I can't recall why I started, but I did, and it has become a daily ritual before I go to bed for nearly six years.  It causes me to reflect on my day and get in touch with all the blessings that surround me.  There are some tough times through those years, yet, the exercise of putting pen to paper does something rather positive.

I recently took a class at the @ClevelandClinic where they cited a study that was done on those who do gratitude journals. They found more positive results were experienced if you only list three things. I have not graduated to that yet, but I generally have a list of at least five.

I used inexpensive spiral notebooks from @Target through the years.

This year, a friend gave me a "proper" journal (the one on top) and I have to say, it has completely elevated the experience.  I have another "proper" journal waiting in the wings (the blue one).  Now, I need to find the "proper" pen to elevate the experience even more.

If you do not do it already, I highly recommend taking a little time out of your day to put pen to paper and get in touch with all the goodness in your life.  It's so worth it!

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Sep 05 2016

a bikini wearing girl...back in the day that is

Imagine being in first grade and being really shy and sweet.  Then imagine being part of an elementary school style show.  That sounds all well and good, right?  Well…now imagine yourself walking down the make shift runway and when you get to the end, you have to remove your poncho to reveal a baby-blue bikini and the crowd cheers and claps while you make your way back to the stage.

Well…that was me in the style show and why my mom chose to make shy me a bikini I have no idea.  I have asked her on different occasions and the response I get is, “You were so cute, Debbie”.  Maybe so, but I remember being extremely nervous when it was time to remove the poncho, but I did, and the crowd cheered me on while I strutted my stuff in that darn baby-blue bikini. 

Fast forward to now, and we at girltrunks, feel there should be an alternative for those that don’t want to feel shy, awkward or uncomfortable in a swimsuit.  We want you to strut your stuff feeling confident, stylish and joyful while you enjoy all your favorite activities around water. 

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