Apr 02 2012

and so it begins...

Within less than two hours of officially launching the girltrunks site, I had my first absolutely thrilling! I thank all of you that have placed orders. I cannot express how excited I am that swim shorts for women are finally getting out there! You cannot imagine how fantastic you'll feel wearing your girltrunks. I also thank those of you that have dialogued with me via email and all the well wishes I have received. Please keep the comments and questions coming as I just love talking about this product.

No more is the girltrunks site launched and my dear friend from college posted it on her blog to help get the word out. Oh, how I would love to write with her cleverness. Jodi is one cool and talented chick. Do check out what she is up to at

She specializes in high-school senior portraiture because she feels seniors are some of the coolest people she knows. I wish someone with her vibe and vision was around when I had my senior picture taken. Go to her site and you will see what I mean.

Here is her blog post about girltrunks. Check out her other blog posts - well worth the read.

who hates buying a bathing suit?

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i do! i do! ok, this is not was what i was intending to write about today. but that's a good thing. you'll have to wait until tomorrow to learn about what goes in the pie crust, because i have something cooler to share with you today. that is if you are a woman - a woman with a real figure. so gisele or heidi, if you are reading this, just stop right now. this post isn't for you. but for the rest of us, CHECK THIS OUT(also in cool links above).

                      real ladies in bathing suits!!!

a very dear friend of mine from way back in my college days has just launched a new line of swimwear which she designed with real women in mind. girls, i am here to testify that this swimsuit rocks. it fits right. i do not care what your body looks like or what your size is. you will love, that's right i said love, wearing this suit. it flatters, covers and actualy lets you move around without anything falling out! and it dries in like 2 seconds. no more soggy butts!!

please check it out and tell your friends that you were one of the first to hear about it!

peace - jodi

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Apr 02 2012

test driving in chilly florida

I recently had the opportunity to go to Florida and was most excited at the prospect of wearing girltrunks. The shipment had arrived after the holidays and I had not even tried on the final product. Because of my upcoming trip I tried them on and was beyond thrilled. The changes made through the sampling process made them fit so perfectly, and I am really hard to fit. I was absolutely over the moon and beyond thrilled thinking if I feel this fantastic in swimwear I cannot imagine other women would not feel the same - liberated.

I arrived in Florida, and by the time I made it to the hotel it was late afternoon. I put on my girltrunks and off to the beach I went. It was rather chilly in Florida, but that was not going to stop me, as I came from temperatures in the teens. I forced myself to go in the ocean to test them out. Let me tell you, they are FABULOUS - if I do say so myself. I could not get over how fast the trunks dried, which made the experience of wearing them all the more comfortable

They were hanging in the bathroom and I could see the tag.  I thought to myself, "Boy, I really like the look of that tag," and then I thought, "This is your product, Debbie."  I must admit that was a rather surreal moment in a most cool way -  to realize that I, Debbie Kuhn, actually created a product to share with women all over the world.

The next day I went to breakfast in girltrunks and then walked the beach and did the same thing the following day in addition to running errands. I was completely comfortable and felt so confident wearing women's swim trunks. Because of the chilly weather I just put on a white zip up cotton sweatshirt, and here I was wearing what I would consider a pulled together black and white short outfit that was actually a swimsuit. How cool is that?

I can tell you the feeling I felt wearing girltrunks in Florida took me right back to my trip to Montana where this idea began. I felt the same sense of liberation; the only difference being this time the trunks fit me properly, and the trunks and top had a feminine look to them.

I am just so excited that girltrunks finally exists and that women now have another choice when it comes to their swimwear - one that offers coverage, a fashion forward look and versatility.

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