Apr 13 2012

girltrunks california adventure part one...

...started bright and early Saturday morning the 24th of October.  My friend, Johanna of Energy by Design was kind of enough to join me on the adventure.  We arrived at the Cleveland airport armed with five, yes FIVE suitcases, a tube, a carrying case with the banner stand and our handbags. I must admit I was a bit dubious as to how we were going to manage all that luggage but we did...rather well I might add.

We arrived at LAX, got the car and all the luggage in the car and headed to Long Beach where the Women's Conference by Maria Shriver was taking place.  Stopped at the hotel and then we were off to Laguna Beach.  What a beautiful area.  Had dinner at a great spot on the ocean then headed back to Long Beach.  We woke up nice and early as we were still on EST.  A friend that lives in Long Beach suggested the Coffee Cup Cafe for breakfast.  It was so great, we went there two days in a row and would have gone there the third day but it didn't open early enough.  

A trip to Target to get some items for the show and then to the Long Beach Convention Center we went. 

The entire set up process could not have been more smooth and without drama.  We finished what we needed to for the booth and off to Santa Monica and LA for some fun and shopping. 

A stop by Sprinkle's was, of course, required.  I absolutley LOVE the branding and vibe Candance Nelson has created.  She was also at the Women's Conference .

I wanted to see the Walt Disney Concert Center by Frank Gehry so we went there and then stopped downtown to partake of the cupcakes.  Not a huge peanut butter fan but my friend is.  I have to say the peanut butter chip cupcake was probably my favorite.  Even the cake part of it was peanut butter and had chocholate chips...way good.

Sunday evening we treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner at Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary which is docked at the Port of Long Beach.  It was such a cool experience to walk around and just imagine what life was like back then and all those that cruised on the ship.  It even has a hotel on board...who knew?

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Apr 02 2012

random acts of kindness from nyc...and...sweets

 I received a call from my friend, Elaine whom was in NYC for a fun girl's weekend with her daughters and two of her granddaughters. It wasn't actually Elaine on the phone. It was someone named Michelle that found Elaine's cell phone in a cab. Michelle gave me her cell number and I said I would track Elaine down. I cannot imagine losing my cell phone so I got right on it.

A few calls later I reached her son. He called his sister then spoke to his Mom and here Elaine didn't even know she had lost her phone. They were all in Dylan's Candy at the time. 


She immediately called Michelle, met her, got her phone, and was on her way to Serendipity to continue their NYC festivities. I thought to myself, Dylan's Candy to Serendipity...girls after my own heart and all this after some NYC shopping...what fun! Thanks to the random act of kindness, courtesy of Michelle, Elaine did not miss a beat. I know losing a phone is not the end of the world but it is worth noticing that someone actually chose to extend themselves as verses doing nothing.

Elaine filled me in on their trip thus far and mentioned that the hotel concierge told them about a bakery in Chelsea that had the best cupcakes and they were going to try them, had I ever? I said it was on my NYC list (more on that subject later) but I had not made it there yet...please report in.

On a different note, she and her daughters actually packed their girltrunks in the event they went swimming which I was so excited to know.

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Apr 02 2012

we all need a little acknowledgement and inspiration now and again

I was searching through emails looking for something and came across this email from a friend that has listened to me go on and on about this idea when it was but an idea and did not even have what I think is the fabulous name of girltrunks. The following was written in response to an update I sent with photos to my friends before the product was sent to me from the manufacturer:

I literally started crying reading your mail and taking in the images: the walls of boxes, filled with amazing products, the happy labels!!!, the busy people committed to producing the beautiful product. You are SO inspired to have created this!!! It IS overwhelming! To start with an idea and make it tangible. You made something where there was nothing - in such a short period of time! This is so powerful, as in full of power, and is so filled with passion and love. Ultimately not only are you filling a niche, these are gorgeous products and I have to say the way you've presented the range of sizes and ages is incredibly smart, they are all so beautiful and look amazing in your girltrunks!! They are amazing! They all look so incredibly youthful in these - which underlines the power of the trunks. While some might be uncomfortable in shorts and tanks, girltrunks not only look great they make the lucky owners feel great and confident cause they know they are lookin good!!

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