Apr 13 2012

walking the labryinth

For whatever reason I have wanted to walk a I finally do and peaceful/reflective it was not, at least not initially. 

Here when I read this plaque at the entrance...I read it to say all paths always lead to the center.

Well I walk it once and it leads me right out of the labryinth. I walk it a second time and same thing happens. Mind you, I am essentially walking in circles all the while. I am thinking to myself what in the world am I missing so I read the plaque again and what does it state...A SINGLE path always leads to the center. Now...look at this photo and there is only ONE opening on the outside...can anyone say DUH! Even if one did not read the plaque they would probably start there...not me!

I have walked the labryinth a few times since and now find it to be peaceful and reflective.

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Apr 13 2012

icicles and more icicles...

With all the frigid temps and snow, there are crazy-big icicles all around. I wanted to get a photo for the blog of huge icicles on my neighbor's home and what do I find when I open the back door of my garage? 

This! Rather cool - some are just inches from the ground.

Don't think I'll be grilling any time soon.

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Apr 13 2012

here's to a new year and a new decade...

...and lots and lots of snow. I love how snow totally changes the landscape.

I could absolutely kick myself for not taking photos to share on the blog from over the holidays...and mind you, I had my camera with me all the time. What is up with that?!
I can tell you I baked and baked making five batches of the Chocolate Chip-Toffee Scones with my mother as a take away for my family's annual Christmas Eve Open House as well as my contribution to the "holiday cookie tray". Thank goodness for my friend Jodi of picture this whom has a fabulous blog, including her "recipe shares". As a result of her making Mario Batali's Mascapone Thummbrpints from the Babbo Cookbook. I knew they needed to be part of our cookie tray. 

Taken straight from Jodi's blog, you start with these ingredients...
...and you end up with the cookies on either side of the middle cookie. 

This is Jodi's cookie tray and may I just say she is quite the baker. Her sugar cookies are amazing and that middle cookie is one of my favorites...a pain to make, but so, so good. 

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Apr 13 2012

girltrunks california adventure part three...

The exhibit hall opened at 7:00 am for The Women's Conference. The crowds were even better than they were the evening before at the Night at The Village.  Tuesday was the big day for the actual conference. Check out the Main Stage Agenda - beyond that there were also many breakout sessions to partake of...rather impressive. Johanna was kind enough to cover the booth while I went to the arena to hear some of the speakers. I was SO EXCITED!   

They opened the conference with opera singer, Angel Blue singing the National was so powerful.
The Lunch Session was off-the-charts amazing! Maria Shriver's speech was so moving and is a MUST WATCH.  

I looked around the arena and I am telling you she had a captive audience...hardly anyone was moving about. The story she tells about what happened at the beach after her mother passed away is some thing to hear.  
Katie Couric spoke before Maria and I have to say I have new found respect for her.  

Katie's talk was about resilience and it was very moving as well.
There was a panel discussion about How a Woman's Nation Changes Everything and David Gregory was the moderator...what a great personality he has and Madeleine Albright...what a cool, cool chick!
On my way back to the booth I walked by Campbell BrownDara Torres and Lisa Ling...again just kind of cool. When there were breaks between the Main Stage Agenda everyone flooded in to the exhibit hall. 

trunks had another fabulous day! We continued to hear FINALLY and IT'S ABOUT TIME. The booth had lot and lots of activity - we even had women trying on girltrunks right over their clothes in the aisle...gotta love that. Brochures were going fast and I even gave one to Caroline Kennedy. I am creating that she gave it to Maria Shriver and Maria gave it to Oprah and/or that she shares it with her boating friends at Hyannis Port. A girl can dream, right?!  
The show closed at 5:30 and we were packed up and in the car by 5:55...imagine that? We managed to get out in one trip which was no small feat. Off we were to Santa Monica for the other event.

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Apr 13 2012

girltrunks california adventure part two...

Monday was the opening evening for...

...where girltrunks exhibited.

Here is the evolution of the booth... 

My friend, Johanna setting up the day before.

We had to be show ready by 2:00 so they could do a bomb sweep of the exhibit hall before they opened the doors.  We arrived all dressed up and worked on the finishing touches.

...the booth is done

While the bomb sweep was taking place we made our way to the lobby and just watched everyone.  I LOVE people watching by the way.  We're sitting there and who walks right by us but Maria Shriver...kind of cool.  

The convention center was packed.  It was a fantastic crowd full of happy, happy people.  I walked around a bit to partake in all the activity and see if I might site any celebrities which I did not. They did pipe the various celebrity talks throughout the exhibit hall which was great.  Here is a photo of Martha Beck interviewing Paula Deen...imagine the sound of Paula's laugh throughout the exhibit hall! 

One thing that just blew me away was all of the people that were buying books to have signed by the various was unbelievable.  Check out the agenda for the Night at The Village including the various book-signing shifts..rather impressive. 
girltrunks was so very well received.  I cannot tell you how many women of all different ages and shapes walked up to the booth and said FINALLY!  That was just so, so exciting!  We handed out lots and lots of postcards. We had a pop-up dressing room and you would be surprised at all the women that actually tried them on which I thought was just great.  I tell you every time someone went in to the dressing room, Johanna and I looked at each other and smiled.  There was some thing funny about it in a most good way.
The evening ended and we left exhilarated and exhausted - found a fantastic place to eat on 2nd Avenue in Long Beach called Open Sesame Mediterranean Grill

Back to the hotel we went.  The next day was going to be a busy one as we had to check out because we were leaving for Santa Monica after the Women's Conference for another event, yes I said another event. Plus we had to be at the convention center bright and early.

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