Jul 12 2012

crazy-creative-birth announcement

First of all, I have a total weakness for stationary - not sure what that is about, but I have it.  I also have tremendous affinity for creativity. Put stationary and creativity together and I get a tad giddy.

So...I just had to share this fabulous birth announcement with you.  From the brown envelope, to the white label trimmed in red and blue with the "Special Delivery" stamp on it... the brown cording tying the little tag with all the particulars.

No detail was the Cleveland, OH stamp with the date, the "Weight of Package", "Size of Package", "The Proud Recipients".  I say stupendous, well done, absolutely fabulous!

But best of all, here is their "Special Delivery".  Could he be any more sweet?!  Love the photo!

My friend's wife is the creative mastermind behind this and other lovely items that come in envelopes.  I kept their holiday greeting from a few years back and put it on my refrigerator for the winter season.  After I receive one of her creations, I carry it around and share it with people in my life.  This one will be no different, but now, I get to also share it with all of you.  I told my friend I think his wife has a budding-boutique business emerging. 

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May 21 2012

are you a female entrepreneur or want to be one?

If the answer is yes, then I would highly recommend looking into Ladies Who Launch which "is an online and offline social network that provides opportunities for women to move their businesses and personal goals forward."  This is the first networking group I joined when girltrunks was but an idea.  I went through their incubator program which I found invaluable.  It is so important to be able to connect and share the journey of entrepreneurship with those whom are also going through it.


"Ladies Who Launch was conceptualized when Victoria Colligan (Founder and CEO) identified an underserved niche of launching ladies and made several realizations. She recognized that not only were women starting businesses at twice the rate of men, but they were driven by a need for freedom and flexibility, and, as a result, were redefining traditional business models with great success. It was on these tenets that Victoria founded Ladies Who Launch, making it distinctive from other brands. Determined to celebrate the entrepreneurial success of women at all stages, Victoria turned her passion for entrepreneurship into a thriving, sought after one-stop-shop for all things start-up. Ever resourceful, she drew upon her diverse experience in small business, law, website design, strategic partnerships, online media, marriage and motherhood to position Ladies Who Launch as a leading resource." 

Also check out her new book:

I am ALL about the tagline - "Dream it! Launch it! Live it!"  Cheers to that!

Follow @LadiesWhoLaunch and @Victoriapreneur

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May 18 2012

"keep calm and blog on"...

...this is an email I received from one of my dearest friend's 12-year-old daughter


My response: are so sweet!  Your timing is perfect as I am trying to figure out what to blog about.  This really is not my thing.

Her response back:

hahaha! i know what you mean, i once had a blog. it was not easy. now you can look at this whenever you don't know what to blog about.

So there you go...fantastic advice worth sharing!  I am going to print this and keep it by my desk.

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May 14 2012

a little sinatra...a little barbara...a little cher

What to get my oh so FABULOUS Mother for Mother's Day?  After much pondering, I thought a mixed cd was in order.  You need to know that I have been bugging her for some time to let me know what her favorite songs are - some I knew and some I did not.  Fortunately, I was able to eek out one cd just in time.  Now I am left with a list of artists that we need to figure out which songs she likes.  I am guessing this could be a 3-5 disc series.

So disc one has a mix of Sinatra, Barbara and Cher to name a few.


We popped in the disc on our way to brunch.  The first song is "Lollipops and Roses" by Jack Jones.  I saw tears streaming down her face which in turn had tears streaming down my face.  We enjoyed listening to her cd and sang along. She, of course, new ALL the words.

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May 11 2012


Some crazy weather passed through the other day which included two hail storms back to back.  I was out during the first one and must admit it is not so pleasant being hit with hail.  The second storm came in strong and fast - the hail was coming down sideways with crazy intensity and left this - looks kind of cool against the green.


The deck pretty much blanketed.


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