Jul 06 2012

edible - connects today’s food-savvy readers with local communities

I was at my local grocery store and this caught my eye...

The photography was so beautiful on the cover, the texture of the paper was thick, it was bound well and a quick flip through, I was excited to get home to read it.  I was actually rather surprised to find out it was complimentary.

Here Edible Communities is The 2011 James Beard Foundation Publication of the Year Award which "recognizes a publication that demonstrates fresh directions, worthy ambitions, and a forward-looking approach to food journalism."  I can see why as it is a treasure trove of information for foodies that is so beautifully written with absolutely stunning photography.  Best of all, it is LOCALLY inspired...LOVE that!  Their tag line is "Our Region, Our Stories, Our Food, Season by Season".  It is full of passion for all things food, that is for certain.  Edible lists all the Farmers Markets in your community, features food artisans, restaurants, recipes and more, much, much more.  See if your city is one of the fortunate ones to be a part of the Edible Communities.  I know when traveling this will be a resource to know where to go, see and taste the local flavor.  Also, follow them on twitter:  @ediblestories

Edible Cleveland's Summer 2012...gorgeous!

On an aside, may I just say I am crazy for french macaroons - more on that in the future.

Below is a bit about the publication via their website:

"The publications produced by the Edible Communities company are “locavores” with national appeal. They are locally grown and community based, like the foods, family farmers, growers, retailers, chefs, and food artisans they feature. The company’s unique publishing model addresses the most crucial trends in food journalism; the publications are rooted in distinct culinary regions throughout the United States and Canada, celebrating local, seasonal foods with the goal of transforming the way we shop, cook, and eat. Their underlying values speak to today’s spirit of shared responsibility: every person has the right to affordable, fresh, healthful food on a daily basis.

Edible Communities is more than a group of high-quality, regional print magazines with compelling storytelling and visual narratives. Through electronic and digital platforms—websites, social media, Edible Radio podcasts, and popular local events—its food journalism carries regional stories to national and global audiences. We believe that in years to come the collected work of these unique publications will serve as a valuable resource for exploring the impact of regional food and agriculture from a grassroots perspective.

At a time when journalists are reinventing traditional publications and embracing digital formats, the Journalism Committee of the James Beard Foundation is proud to recognize Edible Communities for this first-ever award. Edible Communities’ body of work reflects excellence in the ever-changing world of food journalism. Its publications inform and connect today’s food-savvy readers with local communities that stand for a healthful, flavorful, and sustainable food supply."

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Apr 13 2012

girltrunks california adventure part four...

After a very windy drive from Long Beach to Santa Monica we arrived at the oh so swanky Viceroy


What a cool hotel! And was it ever buzzing with activity. As we were checking in they offered us champagne...why not?  We were giddy with excitement and so thrilled to be there after the intensity of the past few days. We both love great hotels and design and this one was indeed FABULOUS on all accounts!  We got settled in the room and chose to order room service. You might laugh at what we both ordered...grilled cheese...gotta love it!  

The next day was the press event. Since we were staying in the hotel where the event took place, it made every thing extra smooth. Here is the girltrunks table...

We met such great folks from the press as well as others that participated in the event. Mara with Kooky Klickers was at the next table and Kelly with striking - reinvent your skin was a few tables down. Kooky Klickers is a fun product for kids and adults alike and striking is a must for the female-aging skin.

When were on our way back to the room after the event was over there was a film crew going through the lobby. Well I, of course, had to investigate and here they were taping Giuliana and Bill. 

My friend just looked at me as she could see how excited I was...and I was...she grabbed my stuff and took it to the room. Now I had to figure out where to position myself so I could see all that was going on. I found the perfect spot and might even end up in the episode. I cannot tell you how fun it was and I think I actually witnessed some "real" drama which I shall keep to myself. Johanna came down and we sat outside and had a blast. After the camera crew departed we made our way to Whist for a wonderful meal at the hotel. 

The Viceroy was a fantastic ending to a fantastic and memorable trip!

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Apr 13 2012

girltrunks california adventure part one...

...started bright and early Saturday morning the 24th of October.  My friend, Johanna of Energy by Design was kind of enough to join me on the adventure.  We arrived at the Cleveland airport armed with five, yes FIVE suitcases, a tube, a carrying case with the banner stand and our handbags. I must admit I was a bit dubious as to how we were going to manage all that luggage but we did...rather well I might add.

We arrived at LAX, got the car and all the luggage in the car and headed to Long Beach where the Women's Conference by Maria Shriver was taking place.  Stopped at the hotel and then we were off to Laguna Beach.  What a beautiful area.  Had dinner at a great spot on the ocean then headed back to Long Beach.  We woke up nice and early as we were still on EST.  A friend that lives in Long Beach suggested the Coffee Cup Cafe for breakfast.  It was so great, we went there two days in a row and would have gone there the third day but it didn't open early enough.  

A trip to Target to get some items for the show and then to the Long Beach Convention Center we went. 

The entire set up process could not have been more smooth and without drama.  We finished what we needed to for the booth and off to Santa Monica and LA for some fun and shopping. 

A stop by Sprinkle's was, of course, required.  I absolutley LOVE the branding and vibe Candance Nelson has created.  She was also at the Women's Conference .

I wanted to see the Walt Disney Concert Center by Frank Gehry so we went there and then stopped downtown to partake of the cupcakes.  Not a huge peanut butter fan but my friend is.  I have to say the peanut butter chip cupcake was probably my favorite.  Even the cake part of it was peanut butter and had chocholate chips...way good.

Sunday evening we treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner at Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary which is docked at the Port of Long Beach.  It was such a cool experience to walk around and just imagine what life was like back then and all those that cruised on the ship.  It even has a hotel on board...who knew?

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Apr 13 2012

crazy-good breakfast fare at...

...NORMA'S in NYC. If you are a fan of breakfast and love creativity around food, NORMA'S is a must.  It is an absolute treat every time I have gone. What could be so bad about Crunchy French Toast covered with Warm Caramel Sauce or Carmamelized Chocolate Banana Waffle Napoleon not to mention their version of Eggs Benedict with buttermilk pancakes layered with canadian bacon and grilled asparagus. Order coffee and you get your own French Press which I love. I forgot to mention when you sit down they immediately serve you their smoothie of the day in a NORMA'S engraved tall shot glass. Check out NORMA'S over the worth it!

They recently came out with a cookbook - NORMA'S - BREAKFAST DONE RIGHT and I just purchased it as a gift for one of my friends that absolutely loves NORMA'S. It is jammed packed with some of their amazing dishes and presented in such a fun and clever manner. Their tag line "BREAKFAST DONE RIGHT" couldn't be more on point. 

NORMA'S is located in Le Parker Meridien...FABULOUS hotel. Reservations are required.
Le Parker Meridien is also home of the famous "Burger Joint" behind the curtain...what a trip that is. A line begins to form way before it even opens and it is jammed with folks that want to partake in the fare. The menu could not be more straight up and simple. Cash only and you better know how to order what you want...they do not mess around and even have hand-written instructions for the ordering process...gotta love it! 

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Apr 12 2012

art, tulips and chicago

I just returned from another wonderful visit to Chicago…absolutely love that city. I went to see Art Chicago, hang out with friends and take in the city. It was “Tulip Days on the Magnificent Mile” and may I just say the tulips could not have been more stunning and beautiful.  

The highlight of Art Chicago for me, hands down, was the tour of Marilyn and Larry Fields art collection. Their contemporary art collection was beyond spectacular. They actually have a “private” gallery on one side of their apartment that also serves as guest quarters with its own kitchenette and the coolest resin bathroom. I loved viewing the art but quickly became captured by the design features of the home which provided a wonderful back drop for their art collection as well as the views of the city and lake. The materials, textures, shapes and clean lines were an absolute feast for the eyes at every turn. I was positively blown away by my entire experience at their home.
Then there was the three-course dessert tasting at TRU. If you are into dessert, I cannot recommend enough, treating yourself to this experience during your next visit to Chicago. It is fine dining with how bad could that be? I could go on and on about this decadent experience but will not bore you with the details other than to say…GO, GO, GO! I promise all of you dessert lovers out there, it is most memorable, divinely delicious and an absolute treat for your taste buds. 
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