May 27 2015

are you buying cases and cases of water? S’well to the rescue!

Last summer I noticed I was purchasing way too many cases of water to have on hand when I was out and about. I found this bottle I randomly purchased a while back in the hopes of winning something (I didn't win). Anyway, I started using it and was immediately hooked!

I have used various reusable bottles through the years, none of which compare to S’well. The designers at #SwellBottle figured it out and rather well, I might add. The bottle is attractive and well designed. It is insulated in such a way that it keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. One of my favorite features is the fact that there is no condensation.

They offer many colors and textures and new patterns have recently been introduced.  The bottles are available in three different sizes.  For all of you wine drinkers out there...the larger one holds an entire bottle of wine.

To make something fabulous even more fabulous, they donate to great causes.

Treat yourself and those in your life to a S'well's a win/win on so many levels.  It has become a stylish accessory that I don’t leave home without! 

So...grab a S'well bottle and head to the beach in style wearing your girltrunks!

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