May 21 2012

are you a female entrepreneur or want to be one?

If the answer is yes, then I would highly recommend looking into Ladies Who Launch which "is an online and offline social network that provides opportunities for women to move their businesses and personal goals forward."  This is the first networking group I joined when girltrunks was but an idea.  I went through their incubator program which I found invaluable.  It is so important to be able to connect and share the journey of entrepreneurship with those whom are also going through it.


"Ladies Who Launch was conceptualized when Victoria Colligan (Founder and CEO) identified an underserved niche of launching ladies and made several realizations. She recognized that not only were women starting businesses at twice the rate of men, but they were driven by a need for freedom and flexibility, and, as a result, were redefining traditional business models with great success. It was on these tenets that Victoria founded Ladies Who Launch, making it distinctive from other brands. Determined to celebrate the entrepreneurial success of women at all stages, Victoria turned her passion for entrepreneurship into a thriving, sought after one-stop-shop for all things start-up. Ever resourceful, she drew upon her diverse experience in small business, law, website design, strategic partnerships, online media, marriage and motherhood to position Ladies Who Launch as a leading resource." 

Also check out her new book:

I am ALL about the tagline - "Dream it! Launch it! Live it!"  Cheers to that!

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Apr 13 2012

all you target fans out there, don't miss...

...the CNBC special tonight at 8:00 p.m.

Set your's definitely worth watching.  You just have to LOVE Target!

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Apr 13 2012

the champagne mango...who knew

This is a new fruit discovery and I have whole foods to thank via this wonderful sample they were offering one random Saturday...

I snapped some up that day and have since served this recipe to family and friends several times. It is absolutely outstanding! believe me, these mangoes are fabulous on their own!

Give them a try...I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Apr 13 2012

lilly handmade chocolates in tremont, oh... off the charts fabulous. Angela, the purveyor of Lilly, is a chocolateir extraordinaire! Her combinations are nothing less than devine, and might I just add, gorgeous on the eye. 

I just had to pop over there to gather up some Easter gifts. She and her husband are always so welcoming and greet me by name.

Lilly is much more than just chocolates mind you. They also offer specialty wine and beer and even pair
their chocolate confections with wine or beer for the perfect indulgence. What's not to love about that?!

The shop is whimsical, fun, pink and full of great energy. Go if you live here and definitely make it a must go to if your travels bring you to the Cleveland area. The good news is if you cannot visit the shop personally, they offer online ordering. So treat that someone special or yourself to some amazing chocolates.


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