Aug 12 2015

a 3:00 am wake-up call to see morning joe? most definitely!

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have been on my radar for years via my mom as she was a huge fan and would share what she learned from watching Morning Joe on a regular basis.  I didn’t watch the show until prior to the last election cycle and then I was hooked.  It doesn’t matter what side of the political fence you are on as they’ve got you covered.  And their rotation of guests and experts is truly impressive. mom loves, loves, loves Morning Joe and had said to me on numerous occasions that she wanted to go to one of their shows when they were out of the NY studio.  Fast forward to last week when she said they are doing a taping at Flannery’s Pub downtown Cleveland after the debate. I said, we are going!   


Doors opened at 5:30.  Our pick up time moved from 4:30 am to a little before 4:00 am. We were about the 25th in line and they supposedly had room for 30 right behind where the set was.  In line by us was the cutest family with two young girls and the youngest was so darn excited to be there. How cool is that?!  It was time to go in and we got to the door and they said the front part is full, find a place.  I proceeded in and there was a round table in the front area that was directly behind their set. I asked if was available, for which it was.  I grabbed it and the family with the two young girls sat with us.  We honestly had the best seat in house and were treated like VIP's.  We were pinching ourselves in excitement.



Those around us in line all said we didn’t want to be on TV, we were just excited to be there. Well…guess who was in the background between Joe and Mika every time the camera was on them? Me!  A few of the segments you could also see my mom. 


Their entire conversation over the course of three hours was not scripted. We could see the teleprompter and they only read when a segment started, when they were showing a graphic and when they were going to commercial.




May I just say, my mother was in her glory! During many of the show breaks, @Morning_Joe and @MorningMika walked around chatted, shook hands and took photos with those of us in the audience.  

Mika is stunning and has such a lovely spirit about her and Joe, he is just a cool, smart and funny guy and so darn gracious. My mom shook hands with both of them and also got her picture with them…quite the thrill!




My mom wanted to get a “selfie” with @WillieGeist at a break which was to include me. Well…I am not a big selfie taker and didn’t have the camera ready, so here’s what we got.  Willie could not have been kind while I fiddled around.

The girls were clamoring to get a photo with Willie and at the end of the show, he walked over to the table and they were beside themselves thrilled. Mika and Joe also posed with them as well.  They told my mom, when they tell their friends, they will have no idea who they are, but they know as they have breakfast with them every morning…how cool?!


The girl's mother said we must be such nerds to be so excited...I accept that 100%!

We are still pinching ourselves a few days later as it was quite the experience. We thank the @Morning_Joe team for such a memorable and wonderful experience.

Because I love art...a Peter Max of Joe and Mika...


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