May 31 2012

spreading the peony love...update was two years ago that I received a trunk full of peony roots from my friend, Nancy.  I kept some for myself and shared the rest with family and friends.

Fast forward to now and look what has taken root and bloomed so magnificently:

Spreading the peony love is a most beautiful thing.  My house is full of their fragrant aroma...LOVE!

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Apr 13 2012

spreading the peony love

One of my friends that turned me on to gardening has over 75 peony plants around her property that she started from bare root.  May I just say when they are all in full bloom it is nothing less than spectacular. They have grown beyond her expectations in a short three years. She wanted to thin them out a bit so guess who was the recipient of lots and lots of peony roots?

Here is the trunk of my car absolutely packed with the roots.



I spread the peony love as well and they have all found happy, happy homes.  Thank you, Nancy.  We'll look forward to their blooms next year.

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May 07 2012

creating a little architecture using pussy willow

When I was a child, I was so enamored with pussy willow.  I thought they were so darn cool - all soft and fuzzy.  Well...many years later, I still think they are so darn cool especially when used so creatively.  These are from my visit to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  I'm thinking I would like to give this a try 


In the meantime, I shall enjoy the twisted willow on my desk.


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May 04 2012

an evening of rembrandt...and...some flowers

My Alma Mater hosted an alumni event at The Cleveland Museum of Art for the "Rembrandt in America" exhibition.  


The evening began with a private lecture about Rembrandt given by Chief Curator, Dr. C. Griffith Mann.  The lecture really brought the experience of viewing the exhibition to life.  Two things really surprised me.  The first was that Rembrandt did not necessarily paint an entire portrait himself.  He had apprentices.  The other interesting fact - he was quite the prolific printermaker - very experimental and original in his approach.  The fact that this was done in the 1600's was rather astonishing and quite entrepreneurial.

After touring the exhibition we were off the Cleveland Botanical Gardens for a reception.  I took this photo on the walk over.  Notice the Frank Ghery building peeking out in the

Walked in the front door and scent from these hyacinths was intoxicating.  

These tulips don't even look real but they are.


If you live in the area, make the time to take in the Rembrandt exhibition.  Dr. Mann said this exhibit was an event of a generation - to have all the pieces that make up the exhibition under one roof.

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Apr 13 2012

i just got a dell mini netbook and...

...I can already tell I am going to love it because it weighs hardly anything, it has a seven hour battery and it is very portable. What a difference compared to the 17" which is clunky and heavy when carting it around in a laptop case.  The mini is pretty much like holding a hard cover book...all good!  Now all I have to do is find a handbag that it fits into.

I have not really even been able to use it as I have one of the wireless USB things for my internet access and there is no optical drive in the Dell Mini so I could not load the software for it to run. After waiting on the phone for tech support for how long they ask me if I have wireless...yes...with the USB thing which does not work. As a result I was doing one of my not so fun things to do yesterday...hanging out at the cell phone store for tech support. I was there for quite a while and they did load the software which I was happy about and it still did not work. Haven't we have all been there? After another call to tech support it finally works and I am thrilled. 

On a completely different subject, here's one of my first lilly's to bloom in the garden last week. I was cutting some more flowers this morning and the deer have managed to eat so many of the flowers. It's so discouraging. They are eating things they never touched before. It's such a trial and error to figure out what they will stay away from regardless of what the experts say. Where I live, if it's not the deer, it's the bunnies. Oh well...I have a house full of lilly's...not so bad! 

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