Mar 04 2015

do you dyson?

Okay…I am seriously going to blog about a vacuum cleaner but not just any vacuum cleaner...I am talking about the dyson cordless.  I received it as a gift, which was awfully generous may I just say, and I made my mind up that I would not keep it if it did not work.   

Well…does it ever work!  I put the dyson cordless to the test…over and over and over again. I would think to myself, it will not pick up this or that…no way…it just won’t…and…it just did.  It has picked up EVERYTHING I have tasked it to.  The suction is off the charts fabulous on all types of floors.  It is super light, the maneuverability makes it so darn easy to use and the profile is very compact so it gets all the places a normal vac will not.  Don't even get me started about using it to vacuum the car...the best!. Add all the attachments they offer and you are in vacuum heaven. 

I often think to myself, am I really singing the praises of a vacuum?   Yes, I am, and proudly, I might add.  Those in my life just laugh at me as they have heard me go on and on about how fantastic it is…some have even purchased one.  A friend told me yesterday she is asking for the @dyson cordless vac for Mother’s Day and I know she will absolutely love it!

I just read the March issue of  @O_Magazine and what has a one page write up?  A @dyson and “why it’s worth it”.   @TheRealAdamSays is quoted, “…this ingenious creation may actually make vacuuming fun” and I couldn’t agree it does…really.  I love my @dyson.  I love grabbing it off the docking station and putting it to work. I continue to challenge its’ ability and it continues to not disappoint.  It has actually replaced my big, heavy-upright vacuum. fabulous is that?!

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