Jun 25 2012

flew the coop

 All good things must come to an end.


The excitement is over and I am left with an empty nest and...what else but...bird droppings (I shall spare you a photo of that).

This has been such a fun experience witnessing this so close up. I am going to miss checking in on them. 

A side note:  I read on the internet that Robin's feed their babies around 100 times a day. Who makes sense based on what I saw. No wonder the babies grow so darn fast.

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Jun 21 2012

all grown up

Perspective of his venture out of the nest.


To think he went from this... this in around two weeks...pretty wild. 

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Jun 15 2012

stepping out...of the nest that is

I guess it finally got too crowded for this little guy.


No more bending over to feed their crew.


A parent on the bamboo on my front porch only feet away from the nest. I swear s/he is looking right at me chirping away like crazy. Again, when this happens, off the chair I go so they can get back to feeding their little ones. 

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Jun 13 2012

baby robins...not so little any more

Look how big they have grown in a little over a amazing to witness first hand.  Check out the coloring and pattern on their little chests...well on their way to the robin red.

Don't they look like they are ready to bust out of the nest?


 This guy is ready to go.


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Jun 12 2012

how the robin babies are growing

Is this a photo op or what? Look how they are all positioned just so. 


 They know food is so very close.


 Okay...I just thought this photo was cool as it captured mom or dad as they were flying from the nest.


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