Apr 13 2012

here's to a new year and a new decade...

...and lots and lots of snow. I love how snow totally changes the landscape.

I could absolutely kick myself for not taking photos to share on the blog from over the holidays...and mind you, I had my camera with me all the time. What is up with that?!
I can tell you I baked and baked making five batches of the Chocolate Chip-Toffee Scones with my mother as a take away for my family's annual Christmas Eve Open House as well as my contribution to the "holiday cookie tray". Thank goodness for my friend Jodi of picture this whom has a fabulous blog, including her "recipe shares". As a result of her making Mario Batali's Mascapone Thummbrpints from the Babbo Cookbook. I knew they needed to be part of our cookie tray. 

Taken straight from Jodi's blog, you start with these ingredients...
...and you end up with the cookies on either side of the middle cookie. 

This is Jodi's cookie tray and may I just say she is quite the baker. Her sugar cookies are amazing and that middle cookie is one of my favorites...a pain to make, but so, so good. 

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Apr 13 2012

girltrunks california adventure part four...

After a very windy drive from Long Beach to Santa Monica we arrived at the oh so swanky Viceroy


What a cool hotel! And was it ever buzzing with activity. As we were checking in they offered us champagne...why not?  We were giddy with excitement and so thrilled to be there after the intensity of the past few days. We both love great hotels and design and this one was indeed FABULOUS on all accounts!  We got settled in the room and chose to order room service. You might laugh at what we both ordered...grilled cheese...gotta love it!  

The next day was the press event. Since we were staying in the hotel where the event took place, it made every thing extra smooth. Here is the girltrunks table...

We met such great folks from the press as well as others that participated in the event. Mara with Kooky Klickers was at the next table and Kelly with striking - reinvent your skin was a few tables down. Kooky Klickers is a fun product for kids and adults alike and striking is a must for the female-aging skin.

When were on our way back to the room after the event was over there was a film crew going through the lobby. Well I, of course, had to investigate and here they were taping Giuliana and Bill. 

My friend just looked at me as she could see how excited I was...and I was...she grabbed my stuff and took it to the room. Now I had to figure out where to position myself so I could see all that was going on. I found the perfect spot and might even end up in the episode. I cannot tell you how fun it was and I think I actually witnessed some "real" drama which I shall keep to myself. Johanna came down and we sat outside and had a blast. After the camera crew departed we made our way to Whist for a wonderful meal at the hotel. 

The Viceroy was a fantastic ending to a fantastic and memorable trip!

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Apr 13 2012

crazy-good breakfast fare at...

...NORMA'S in NYC. If you are a fan of breakfast and love creativity around food, NORMA'S is a must.  It is an absolute treat every time I have gone. What could be so bad about Crunchy French Toast covered with Warm Caramel Sauce or Carmamelized Chocolate Banana Waffle Napoleon not to mention their version of Eggs Benedict with buttermilk pancakes layered with canadian bacon and grilled asparagus. Order coffee and you get your own French Press which I love. I forgot to mention when you sit down they immediately serve you their smoothie of the day in a NORMA'S engraved tall shot glass. Check out NORMA'S over the worth it!

They recently came out with a cookbook - NORMA'S - BREAKFAST DONE RIGHT and I just purchased it as a gift for one of my friends that absolutely loves NORMA'S. It is jammed packed with some of their amazing dishes and presented in such a fun and clever manner. Their tag line "BREAKFAST DONE RIGHT" couldn't be more on point. 

NORMA'S is located in Le Parker Meridien...FABULOUS hotel. Reservations are required.
Le Parker Meridien is also home of the famous "Burger Joint" behind the curtain...what a trip that is. A line begins to form way before it even opens and it is jammed with folks that want to partake in the fare. The menu could not be more straight up and simple. Cash only and you better know how to order what you want...they do not mess around and even have hand-written instructions for the ordering process...gotta love it! 

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Apr 13 2012

blogging...twitter...facebook...oh my

I must admit all of this social media stuff sometimes completely stumps...stops...perlexes me.  Quite frankly, it feels like homework, especially the blogging piece. When the girltrunks website went live I planned on blogging once a week which I did for a spell.  Then came the birds (two families no less). I cannot even express how thrilled I was about the bird families because it gave me something to blog about without having to come up with ideas. 

My friend, Jodi whom specializes in senior portraiture has such a unique and cool way of photographing seniors. She also has an amazing blog.  Make sure to check out her food posts...nothing less than FABULOUS...and so visual. Here are a few of the steps for her spaghetti how she starts with a photo of all of the ingredients needed for the recipe.

Anyway, when we were last together she said, she and I as business owners, should have some thing to say (blog about) every day. need to know Jodi blogs daily. I have to say the thought of that occurs as absolute torture to me. What in the world do I have to say/share on a daily basis? I don't know but I am going to start working it...not daily but hopefully with more regularity. I just saw Julie & Julia and I could so relate to Julie's comments when she was just beginning to blog...but she kept doing it. 

Then add twitter and facebook to the whole blogging can be a bit overwhelming to say the very least but I also know these social media portals offer a tremendous opportunity...the opportunity to connect with YOU. So please "follow" girltrunks on twitter, "become a fan" on facebook and comment on the blog posts and we can navigate all of this together.

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Apr 13 2012

who wouldn't love to receive this delivery...



...from Crumbs in NYC? 

Okay...I am just going to put it out there...I am a total goober about desserts...I wish I wasn't...but unfortunately I am. I recently celebrated a birthday and one of my friends sent me a box of Crumbs cupcakes...what a fun surprise. She and I were in NYC for work a while back and we went to the Crumbs by Bryant Park...each of us chose a cupcake (my favorite is the Cappaccino) and we walked over to the park and indulged. The fun part about this gift is I was able to share the cupcakes with those in my life...what a treat for ALL! So...THANK YOU, Lisa and Jeff for such a cool and unexpected gift.   

Here are the cupcakes as they appear in the photo if you are so interested:

Artie Lang       Key Lime       Peanut Butter Cup
Red Velvet      Devil Dog       Cappuccino

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