Jun 27 2012

roasted cherries oh so talented friend Jodi mentioned on facebook that she roasted cherries.  Seriously...I thought?  Well off an email was sent to her requesting the particulars as I am a huge fan of cherries.  The following week she posts on her oh so fabulous blog, and I mean,  OH SO FABULOUS BLOG, photos along with the details about how to roast the cherries

I gave it a shot yesterday and may I just say....A-MAZE-ING!

So this morning, they seemed as if they would be the perfect topping for my greek yogurt and were they ever.  Although I have to admit, they are mighty tasting just on their own.

If you are a foodie, I encourage you to follow Jodi's blog.  You will see what I mean when you check out all that she does around food and her garden.  And then there is her I mentioned at the beginning of the post...MY OH SO TALENTED FRIEND JODI...she is that and more...much, much more!  She inspires me.

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Jun 05 2015

chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Anyone that knows me well, knows I have quite the affinity for high quality dark chocolate. A few years back, one of my dear college friends sent me a box of chocolates for my birthday. It was not just any box of chocolates mind you…it was L.A. Burdick Chocolate.

Now…I was not familiar with @BurdickChocolate, but one taste and I was in chocolate heaven.  

Small and elegant and decadent beyond belief. Their bonbons "are cut and shaped by hand daily.  The unique chocolates used in their ganaches take center stage and are enhanced with complementing ingredients."  A lovely feature, in my humble opinion, is many of the papers include two pieces of chocolate, not just the normal one making it the extra perfect little bite.

I have been fortunate enough to visit one of their Chocolate Shops and Tea Rooms in NYC...such a treat.

They offer many different Bonbon Assortments with various presentation choices. I favor their Signature Assortments in the wood box tied with a seasonal French wired ribbon and finished with a gold wax seal which makes receiving their box of chocolates even more of a special experience.  I have sent this box to many people, both personally and professionally. They do it right and do not charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

Notice the little mouse in the above box. Well...that is one of their signature pieces...and...they also have charming!

You will be the hit of summer gatherings with their gourmet S’mores Kit.  How divine do these look?


Spread some chocolate love by treating yourself or the chocolate lover in your life with the gift of Burdick’s!

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Jul 23 2014

an ice cream "field trip"...why yes!


Inside the summer issue of @edibleCleveland was a wonderful opportunity to go on a field trip with Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream, which just happens to be my all time favorites, to Mulberry Creek Herb Farm where @MitchellsCleve Homemade Ice Cream sources some of their herbs.  Count me in!


Mulberry Creek Farm is the only certified organic herb farm in Ohio and they have over 1000 varieties of herbs.  They are also one of the preeminent sources for miniature "fairy" garden plants. It is their greenery that was used for this creation.

Mulberry Creek Farm provides Mitchell's with mint and we learned that the very top of the mint has the most oils and flavor. As a result, they hand cut only the very top of the plants and off they drive to Mitchell's within an hour for the utmost freshness.

Mark, the herb master himself, shared with us the ins and outs of English Lavender which is the lavender that should be used in food.  The smell was absolutely divine!

Then it was time to partake of a garden fresh lunch.

After all that deliciousness, we toured the vegetable gardens, shopped for some herbs and off we went back to Mitchell's brand new and rather spectacular Ohio City location for an ice cream tasting and Q&A with Mike Mitchell.

Full disclosure, I have been going to Mitchell's since they opened their first shop 15 years ago on the other side of town.  Now they have 8 shops including their new production/ice cream facility/shop.  This is not just any ice cream is a renovated theatre in the historic Ohio City neighborhood where the @WestSideMarket is located.  They incorporated many green and sustainable aspects to the building and may I just say, it is truly stunning.

It is so exciting to see the growth of a local company and two brothers that are passionate about what they do.  I absolutely love that everything is organic. Here to find out, they do not keep any inventory.  They are producing ice cream 364 days a year for over 60 local restaurants, several local grocery store chains as well as their shops.  

Mike Mitchell shared the Mitchell's story and answered all of our questions, for which I had many, as we sampled some of their creations. One thing I could not help but notice, was the art throughout the building and here it was all created by their 84 year old how fabulous is that?!

Went and grabbed a bite to eat and came back for my favorite sundae - coffee chip with marshmallow and hot fudge.  As we hung out, a band was setting up...again...not your typical ice cream shop.

Thank you to Noelle and staff with @edibleCleveland and Mike Mitchell for creating such a wonderful day for all we foodies.  It was quite the experience.

If you visit Cleveland, make sure to go to @MitchellsCleve...I promise your taste buds will be happy, happy!

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Sep 04 2013

high-altitude cherries...who knew?

Okay...there are two fruits that oscillate being my favorite...peaches and cherries...both of which happen to be my absolute favorite combination over @FageUSA Greek yogurt.

Last year, much to my delight, I walked into @WholeFoods to discover cherries when I thought cherry season was long gone.  I, of course, had to scoop them up.  They were A-MAZE-ING!  They are from Hood River Cherry Company in Oregon.  I highly recommend checking out their website to learn about the various cherries they grow and the specialty products they offer.  I honestly thought there were only Rainier and Bing varieties...thankfully, not the case. 

So...this year, I anxiously anticipated their arrival. They are dark, dark, dark...almost black, crisp and so full of flavor. 

Now...I have to share that they are not inexpensive.  I kind of play @PriceIsRight with the sales associate ringing up my purchase.  Once I see the amount, I think how crazy am I, but they are such a treat and are only available for what seems like a flash. 

If you are a big fan of cherries, head to @WholeFoods - it is quite the indulgence and a healthy one at that.

I think cherries won as my favorite fruit for 2013. 

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Jul 06 2012

edible - connects today’s food-savvy readers with local communities

I was at my local grocery store and this caught my eye...

The photography was so beautiful on the cover, the texture of the paper was thick, it was bound well and a quick flip through, I was excited to get home to read it.  I was actually rather surprised to find out it was complimentary.

Here Edible Communities is The 2011 James Beard Foundation Publication of the Year Award which "recognizes a publication that demonstrates fresh directions, worthy ambitions, and a forward-looking approach to food journalism."  I can see why as it is a treasure trove of information for foodies that is so beautifully written with absolutely stunning photography.  Best of all, it is LOCALLY inspired...LOVE that!  Their tag line is "Our Region, Our Stories, Our Food, Season by Season".  It is full of passion for all things food, that is for certain.  Edible lists all the Farmers Markets in your community, features food artisans, restaurants, recipes and more, much, much more.  See if your city is one of the fortunate ones to be a part of the Edible Communities.  I know when traveling this will be a resource to know where to go, see and taste the local flavor.  Also, follow them on twitter:  @ediblestories

Edible Cleveland's Summer 2012...gorgeous!

On an aside, may I just say I am crazy for french macaroons - more on that in the future.

Below is a bit about the publication via their website:

"The publications produced by the Edible Communities company are “locavores” with national appeal. They are locally grown and community based, like the foods, family farmers, growers, retailers, chefs, and food artisans they feature. The company’s unique publishing model addresses the most crucial trends in food journalism; the publications are rooted in distinct culinary regions throughout the United States and Canada, celebrating local, seasonal foods with the goal of transforming the way we shop, cook, and eat. Their underlying values speak to today’s spirit of shared responsibility: every person has the right to affordable, fresh, healthful food on a daily basis.

Edible Communities is more than a group of high-quality, regional print magazines with compelling storytelling and visual narratives. Through electronic and digital platforms—websites, social media, Edible Radio podcasts, and popular local events—its food journalism carries regional stories to national and global audiences. We believe that in years to come the collected work of these unique publications will serve as a valuable resource for exploring the impact of regional food and agriculture from a grassroots perspective.

At a time when journalists are reinventing traditional publications and embracing digital formats, the Journalism Committee of the James Beard Foundation is proud to recognize Edible Communities for this first-ever award. Edible Communities’ body of work reflects excellence in the ever-changing world of food journalism. Its publications inform and connect today’s food-savvy readers with local communities that stand for a healthful, flavorful, and sustainable food supply."

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