met my first-grade teacher via girltrunks

Posted on March 15, 2021 by Debbie Kuhn | 0 Comments

There is a voicemail message from a woman that says she was my first grade teacher. Her last name is Smith. I returned the call thinking, she is NOT my first-grade teacher as my teacher's last name was Leon. Well, we start talking and I say just that and she said, "That was me.  My married name is Smith." Well...I VERY MUCH REMEMBER her. I told her she was the pretty teacher that was stylish. I swear her voice squeaked in excitement as she said thank you.  Mind you, most teachers dressed rather matronly back then, so she totally stood out with her long blond hair and pretty dresses. 

Anyway, she was interested in getting girltrunks.  couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet her so we end up @Starbucks. She was standing outside and when I got out of my car and walked toward her, she said, "Debra, you look just the same."  I am thinking, I do not look at all the same, but how sweet of her.  We go inside, reminisce and catch up on each others lives. May I just say, it was quite lovely and rather special. 

So, I start bugging my mom to find my first-grade picture. The odd thing is, I remembered EXACTLY what I wore.  Oh, how I loved the outfit, a purple velvet dress with this furry-tie collar thing, not sure what that was about, but I am telling you, I LOVED it!

Then I see the class photo which is quite the humorous thing to revisit after all these years.  Much to my surprise, on the little plaque that accompanies class photos, is her name, "Mrs. Smith."  She will always be "Mrs. Leon" to me.

garden woes...

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