garden woes...

Posted on July 21, 2020 by Debbie Kuhn | 0 Comments

Okay...I have been more than a bit remiss in my's just not automatic for me and how I wish it were. I have all these photos I have taken for blogging purposes and they sit on my phone waiting in line to be shared, and what a long line it is...ughh.

As I have shared previously, where I live there are all kinds of animals about and for whatever reason they really like partaking of my garden. It seems that they even love some of the flowers no others do. Let's take geraniums for instance - don't really care for them all that much, but I want some color and they are supposed to be a "safe" was the normal state of my geraniums. I swear there were lots of buds, but the next morning... gone, gone, gone.     


Now...on the other hand, check out my Mother's geraniums...they look like shrubs. I have garden envy.

met my first-grade teacher via girltrunks

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