going to see anderson cooper at his anderson live show

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Okay...I am huge @andersoncooper fan and follow him on twitter.  A tweet came through in summer about getting tickets to see his daytime show @andersonlive and I responded almost immediately.  Several weeks pass and I receive an email that I indeed got tickets to the show.  Once I found out, I invited my mother to join me and then booked the airline tickets pronto. I was so darn excited...NYC here we come!

The day arrives and we are in line for the show.


We were concerned as to whether or not we would actually make it in as there was a woman behind us saying that she goes to lots of show and doesn't always get in.  She kept saying it over and over...I was getting a tad anxious.  Well...we did make it in and were beyond delighted.  Here we are in the holding area waiting.

Off we go...his show is taped at a CBS Studio and we passed this sign on our way. @CBSSunday Morning is a favorite of mine...so exciting and then 60 Minutes too...


We arrive to the new @andersonlive set - it is beautiful and is a buzz with energy.  I love that he incorporated his mother's art as it adds such a personal touch and lovely warmth to the set.


We get ushered in and end up with absolutely stellar seats in the comfy benches in the front...happy, happy.  We are told to turn off our phones and the comedian starts warming up the audience...she was FAB-U-LOUS!  You could just feel the energy...it was happy, fun and full of life.  She then announced whom was going to be on the show and I hear her say @sharktankabc...seriously?  I was, of course, super excited being an entrepreneur.  Then the Nealy's @ginaandpatneely were on and because of where we were seated, we were given a plate to taste what they made...may I just say, absolutely delicious.

The whole experience was such a thrill. Oh and did I say...@andersoncooper is A-DORE-ABLE!  He has such a great way about him and is so warm and kind...and that laugh...LOVE it!

The show we were on airs today so if you get a chance tune in.  For that matter, tune in everyday...I do!  Here's a preview.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

The show ends and it is time to leave...didn't really want to leave as it was such fun being there.  BTW...I just have to share this photo of where we were seated - in the third bench in the middle section...how cool was that?!  It was pretty darn cool...just saying.


Thank you to the @andersonlive team for treating my mom and me so well.  We truly had the best time and can't wait to visit again.

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