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I just discovered there are two birds tending to their little ones. After the chicks hatched I thought the mom just sat on them differently as her chest appeared much larger. Then I realized it was a different bird all together which I am figuring is the dad or vise versa.

They are funny to watch...such a team. If any bird comes close they shoo them away and fast. I couldn't believe I got this shot of the two of them. They keep good tabs on me so I have to stand behind my door and just have the camera sticking out to get this kind of shot. By the way...they are both feeding their little ones constantly.

When the mom and dad are not in the nest I sometimes get on a chair so I can see what is going on inside the nest. Well...when they realize I am there, they try to shoo me away and fly near the window. Here is one on their way...so wild. I zoomed in on the photo because I thought it was so cool. It is actually about 20-30 feet away. Once they do this, I promptly go about my business and leave them to theirs.

Here are the two babies...check out those beaks.

This is quite the experience having such a close up view.

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one...two...no actually THREE little robins

babies have hatched

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