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Posted on April 13, 2012 by Debbie Kuhn | 0 Comments

Okay...I am really loving the new Epic smartphone and it became an epic pain in regards to my list of contacts.  All the phone numbers were transferred I thought.  I then discovered the postal addresses did not make it over.  I think, no biggie, I can just enter them.

I enrolled my niece to see if she might be able to figure out how to move my contacts as she is much more tech savvy than her lame aunt...and...she has the same phone which I knew would come in handy, already has.  No luck with the addresses, but she was able to move the emails...huge, huge help.  Thanks, Jen!  Through all of this, what she discovered is both the contacts and calendar are stored in the "phone" and if I want to have all my contacts/calendar backed up continually, which I most definitely do, it all needs to reside in gmail.

What did that mean to me you ask?  I had to add every single contact to the gmail account.  As a result, I now had two "linked contacts" for nearly everyone on the Epic - one connected to "phone" and one to my gmail account.  So...I then proceeded to delete each and every contact from the "phone" one by one.  Can anyone say, "Just shoot me"?!  Seriously, I was about ready to loose my mind!  It was beyond tedious and took hours and hours but I finally completed the task...woo, hoo!

Now the next thing I need to figure out is how to cut and paste from one email to another.  The joy continues...

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