a little slice of heaven on the lake....

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...is my friend Elaine and her husband Terry's home...LOVE! Every time I see this view as I pull in their driveway..it just puts a big 'ol smile on my face. 

And then you walk in further and this is what you see.

The home itself is the perfect size, so well appointed and views of the lake abound. The outside is equally well appointed and there is even a gorgeous weeping willow tree to create the PERFECT setting. This photo appeared in a bridal magazine from their son's wedding last year.

From weddings to TV segments...they also hosted the recent girltrunks piece on Cleveland's ABC Live on Five. Elaine is not just my friend, she is also a girltrunks model and a hip one at that!

Lee Jordan, the reporter from Channel 5, wrote that she was "...still swooning over their beautiful home on the lake"...so well put!  I have told Terry and Elaine numerous times I hope I am on the short list (actually the only one on the list) when they choose to sell their home. 
I know that will be years down the way but a girl can dream.  


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