walking the labryinth

Posted on April 13, 2012 by Debbie Kuhn | 0 Comments

For whatever reason I have wanted to walk a labryinth...so I finally do and peaceful/reflective it was not, at least not initially. 

Here when I read this plaque at the entrance...I read it to say all paths always lead to the center.

Well I walk it once and it leads me right out of the labryinth. I walk it a second time and same thing happens. Mind you, I am essentially walking in circles all the while. I am thinking to myself what in the world am I missing so I read the plaque again and what does it state...A SINGLE path always leads to the center. Now...look at this photo and there is only ONE opening on the outside...can anyone say DUH! Even if one did not read the plaque they would probably start there...not me!

I have walked the labryinth a few times since and now find it to be peaceful and reflective.

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