girltrunks california adventure part three...

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The exhibit hall opened at 7:00 am for The Women's Conference. The crowds were even better than they were the evening before at the Night at The Village.  Tuesday was the big day for the actual conference. Check out the Main Stage Agenda - beyond that there were also many breakout sessions to partake of...rather impressive. Johanna was kind enough to cover the booth while I went to the arena to hear some of the speakers. I was SO EXCITED!   

They opened the conference with opera singer, Angel Blue singing the National was so powerful.
The Lunch Session was off-the-charts amazing! Maria Shriver's speech was so moving and is a MUST WATCH.  

I looked around the arena and I am telling you she had a captive audience...hardly anyone was moving about. The story she tells about what happened at the beach after her mother passed away is some thing to hear.  
Katie Couric spoke before Maria and I have to say I have new found respect for her.  

Katie's talk was about resilience and it was very moving as well.
There was a panel discussion about How a Woman's Nation Changes Everything and David Gregory was the moderator...what a great personality he has and Madeleine Albright...what a cool, cool chick!
On my way back to the booth I walked by Campbell BrownDara Torres and Lisa Ling...again just kind of cool. When there were breaks between the Main Stage Agenda everyone flooded in to the exhibit hall. 

trunks had another fabulous day! We continued to hear FINALLY and IT'S ABOUT TIME. The booth had lot and lots of activity - we even had women trying on girltrunks right over their clothes in the aisle...gotta love that. Brochures were going fast and I even gave one to Caroline Kennedy. I am creating that she gave it to Maria Shriver and Maria gave it to Oprah and/or that she shares it with her boating friends at Hyannis Port. A girl can dream, right?!  
The show closed at 5:30 and we were packed up and in the car by 5:55...imagine that? We managed to get out in one trip which was no small feat. Off we were to Santa Monica for the other event.

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