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I must admit all of this social media stuff sometimes completely stumps...stops...perlexes me.  Quite frankly, it feels like homework, especially the blogging piece. When the girltrunks website went live I planned on blogging once a week which I did for a spell.  Then came the birds (two families no less). I cannot even express how thrilled I was about the bird families because it gave me something to blog about without having to come up with ideas. 

My friend, Jodi whom specializes in senior portraiture has such a unique and cool way of photographing seniors. She also has an amazing blog.  Make sure to check out her food posts...nothing less than FABULOUS...and so visual. Here are a few of the steps for her spaghetti how she starts with a photo of all of the ingredients needed for the recipe.

Anyway, when we were last together she said, she and I as business owners, should have some thing to say (blog about) every day. need to know Jodi blogs daily. I have to say the thought of that occurs as absolute torture to me. What in the world do I have to say/share on a daily basis? I don't know but I am going to start working it...not daily but hopefully with more regularity. I just saw Julie & Julia and I could so relate to Julie's comments when she was just beginning to blog...but she kept doing it. 

Then add twitter and facebook to the whole blogging can be a bit overwhelming to say the very least but I also know these social media portals offer a tremendous opportunity...the opportunity to connect with YOU. So please "follow" girltrunks on twitter, "become a fan" on facebook and comment on the blog posts and we can navigate all of this together.

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