girltrunks had its first tv appearance…

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…on Fox 8 Cleveland’s That's Life with Robin Swoboda and what a thrill it was. Everyone at Fox 8 could not have been more wonderful and accommodating.  Three of my friends agreed to model along with the producer’s niece so we had a 16-year-old teenager all the way to a hip grandma of six - again bringing home the cross-generational appeal of girltrunks.  


Lisa, me and Elaine in the green room   


Erin and Elaine pre-show

My mom and me pre-show

When I watched the clip and saw the four models together at the end of the segment, I thought…how truly great they look…all of them…regardless of anything.  It's just so exciting for me when I see girltrunks on others - to see my vision which is now a reality, and might I just say, I could not be more thrilled. Thank you to everyone that purchased their first set of girltrunks.  I hope you absolutely LOVE wearing them!

View the segment here:




All of us after the show

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