my grandmother's deviled eggs and faroh's chocolate crate eggs

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My mother and I were going over the Easter menu last weekend and I asked if she wanted me to make deviled eggs again. You need to know the deviled eggs were always made by my grandmother and she has since gone to glory. My mother hesitated, and said yes, as long as you don’t make them like you did last year. Who knew my deviled eggs missed the mark? I sure didn't until last week. Here to find out, the error of my ways is I used dijon mustard, not yellow mustard. So she sent me home with yellow mustard.  I kind of chuckled but now the pressure was on for me to make deviled eggs like my grandmother made. 


So Easter morning I’m making the deviled eggs. I tasted them and they needed more salt and pepper. What do I do but accidentally grab the wrong pepper which is very course and very strong. I’m thinking oh well…I just totally messed them up. Then the paprika, it didn’t have the sifter thing on the jar and some of it went on too thick.  I arrived at my folks and said I did my best and I don’t think they are going to be like grandmas.  Well…they passed and even received positive comments after dinner. I know deviled eggs are rather simple to make no doubt, but to make them like my grandmother’s, well that’s a completely different story but I did succeed…this year anyway.  We’ll see what happens next year.

Then there are the chocolate eggs that my grandmother would get from Faroh’s Candies in Cleveland at Easter that came in real egg cartons.  It has been a family tradition since I was a little kid. Faroh’s, as we knew it, went out of business and a candy company in Cleveland, Olympia Candy, currently has the rights to make Faroh’s Candies so I wanted to surprise my family and get chocolate eggs for everyone. We all particularly love their marshmallow eggs as the marshmallow is not sticky but light and fluffy. My personal favorite is the dark chocolate caramallo.

"Our legendary Crate Eggs recipe from Faroh's Candies means you'll taste childhood memories in every bite!"

I know there are many candy companies that offer marshmallow eggs and/or marshmallow eggs with caramel but none like Faroh’s, the kind my grandmother always got for us.  So here’s to you grandma and all the little and big contributions you made to our lives.

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