random acts of kindness from nyc...and...sweets

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 I received a call from my friend, Elaine whom was in NYC for a fun girl's weekend with her daughters and two of her granddaughters. It wasn't actually Elaine on the phone. It was someone named Michelle that found Elaine's cell phone in a cab. Michelle gave me her cell number and I said I would track Elaine down. I cannot imagine losing my cell phone so I got right on it.

A few calls later I reached her son. He called his sister then spoke to his Mom and here Elaine didn't even know she had lost her phone. They were all in Dylan's Candy at the time. 


She immediately called Michelle, met her, got her phone, and was on her way to Serendipity to continue their NYC festivities. I thought to myself, Dylan's Candy to Serendipity...girls after my own heart and all this after some NYC shopping...what fun! Thanks to the random act of kindness, courtesy of Michelle, Elaine did not miss a beat. I know losing a phone is not the end of the world but it is worth noticing that someone actually chose to extend themselves as verses doing nothing.

Elaine filled me in on their trip thus far and mentioned that the hotel concierge told them about a bakery in Chelsea that had the best cupcakes and they were going to try them, had I ever? I said it was on my NYC list (more on that subject later) but I had not made it there yet...please report in.

On a different note, she and her daughters actually packed their girltrunks in the event they went swimming which I was so excited to know.

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