we all need a little acknowledgement and inspiration now and again

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I was searching through emails looking for something and came across this email from a friend that has listened to me go on and on about this idea when it was but an idea and did not even have what I think is the fabulous name of girltrunks. The following was written in response to an update I sent with photos to my friends before the product was sent to me from the manufacturer:

I literally started crying reading your mail and taking in the images: the walls of boxes, filled with amazing products, the happy labels!!!, the busy people committed to producing the beautiful product. You are SO inspired to have created this!!! It IS overwhelming! To start with an idea and make it tangible. You made something where there was nothing - in such a short period of time! This is so powerful, as in full of power, and is so filled with passion and love. Ultimately not only are you filling a niche, these are gorgeous products and I have to say the way you've presented the range of sizes and ages is incredibly smart, they are all so beautiful and look amazing in your girltrunks!! They are amazing! They all look so incredibly youthful in these - which underlines the power of the trunks. While some might be uncomfortable in shorts and tanks, girltrunks not only look great they make the lucky owners feel great and confident cause they know they are lookin good!!

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