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I recently had the opportunity to go to Florida and was most excited at the prospect of wearing girltrunks. The shipment had arrived after the holidays and I had not even tried on the final product. Because of my upcoming trip I tried them on and was beyond thrilled. The changes made through the sampling process made them fit so perfectly, and I am really hard to fit. I was absolutely over the moon and beyond thrilled thinking if I feel this fantastic in swimwear I cannot imagine other women would not feel the same - liberated.

I arrived in Florida, and by the time I made it to the hotel it was late afternoon. I put on my girltrunks and off to the beach I went. It was rather chilly in Florida, but that was not going to stop me, as I came from temperatures in the teens. I forced myself to go in the ocean to test them out. Let me tell you, they are FABULOUS - if I do say so myself. I could not get over how fast the trunks dried, which made the experience of wearing them all the more comfortable

They were hanging in the bathroom and I could see the tag.  I thought to myself, "Boy, I really like the look of that tag," and then I thought, "This is your product, Debbie."  I must admit that was a rather surreal moment in a most cool way -  to realize that I, Debbie Kuhn, actually created a product to share with women all over the world.

The next day I went to breakfast in girltrunks and then walked the beach and did the same thing the following day in addition to running errands. I was completely comfortable and felt so confident wearing women's swim trunks. Because of the chilly weather I just put on a white zip up cotton sweatshirt, and here I was wearing what I would consider a pulled together black and white short outfit that was actually a swimsuit. How cool is that?

I can tell you the feeling I felt wearing girltrunks in Florida took me right back to my trip to Montana where this idea began. I felt the same sense of liberation; the only difference being this time the trunks fit me properly, and the trunks and top had a feminine look to them.

I am just so excited that girltrunks finally exists and that women now have another choice when it comes to their swimwear - one that offers coverage, a fashion forward look and versatility.

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