yes...size does matter...but fit is paramount

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I recently came across this article in The Washington Post written by the founder of From Thick To Thin, an all inclusive athletic apparel line.I read it and immediately thought, “I hear ya!” She was writing about her incentive to begin her company and how trying to buy some athletic gear in Dick’s left her feeling humiliated and very upset. There was nothing available to her in “plus size”.

Many of you know the reasons I began girltrunks, but it wasn’t so much because of size, large or small, it was more about comfortable coverage and fit. Andrea Kuchinski, the founder and article writer touches on this.

I was going on vacation to Montana and wanted swimwear that I could wear tubing down the Madison River, then go on a hike. As many of you know, a one-piece or bikini some times just doesn’t cut it for that kind of activity. In fact a one-piece or bikini doesn’t cut it most places. In order to wear a bikini without fear of slippage and exposure, it’s best to remain horizontal on your lounge chair, coming up only for the odd margarita!

As you may recall, I ended up buying a pair of men’s swim trunks, problem solved! Didn’t float off into the swirling waters and they dried lickety split when I got out and hiked into the wilderness.

However the fit was less than ideal. I looked at best, shapeless and at worst falling apart. Men’s bodies for the most part are straight, they have no waist, no hips, no curvy bits. This isn’t a criticism just an observation.

Women come in many shapes and sizes, pear shaped, boy shaped, V shaped, apple shaped, hour glass, etc., etc., and regardless of whether you’re a skinny minnie or more generously proportioned, it’s the fit that counts. A size 8 won’t fit every size 8 body out there, the same goes for a size 12, a size 20 and a size 2.

What we’ve done at girltrunks is to celebrate that wonderful uniqueness of our bodies and ensured our fit is flexible enough to meet most of these wonderful shapes and sizes. Our designs are tailored to meet the demands of such a variety of bodies, with correct tapering so no tightness in all the wrong places.

Yes, of course, there will be a lady’s body that we can’t accommodate, but we understand just how much swimwear with confidence is such an essential part of women’s lives, whether at the beach, the pool, hiking in the Rockies or, like me, tubing down the Madison River in Montana.

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embrace the skin you are in and feel confident

a 3:00 am wake-up call to see morning joe? most definitely!

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