feel confident in a swimsuit…really? YES…really!

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Debbie Kuhn | 1 Comment

With girltrunks the answer is a resounding yes, yes and yes!   What I have discovered in my years of running girltrunks is it does not matter what size, age or shape we are, many of us just do not want to prance around, essentially in our underwear, in front of strangers to enjoy activities around water.  It matters not why we seek more coverage from a swimsuit…some of us just do and that is okay. 

For those of us that do seek more coverage, @girltrunks recently launched the new collection.  I had the opportunity to leave the cold of the Midwest and head to Florida where I took the new pieces.  It was six years ago when I wore the first collection of girltrunks at Siesta Key and was beyond excited then. 

Well…fast forward to now, and again, I cannot tell you how freeing it was to truly feel comfortable at the beach, even more so than with the first collection.  Beyond the trunks, which were the inspiration for the line, we have added a new top for those of us that are looking for more support and it is appropriately named, “support your local girls” and does it ever!


Another addition to the line is the "feel ARMazing shrug" for all of us that want to cover our "bat wings" or "hangy arms" and/or simply want to have more coverage from the sun.  With the addition of the shrug, I honestly had zero inhibitions or feelings of being self-conscience at all…and I mean…at all.  I played in the ocean, walked the beach and was covered where I wanted to be covered.  I also felt stylish because, did I mention, it is a cute "outfit"?


So...yes, yes, yes…it is possible to finally feel confident in a swimsuit...really! 

girltrunks exists...for you…so you can participate, play and enjoy all of life’s adventures. 

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February 27, 2015

iam a senior and I love ,love them.

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